All his works are completely controlled and documented.

What do we do?

Our construction control platform allows you to keep a virtual track of each project, providing you with a complete visual and documentary record of its entire history.


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Keep centralized control of all your construction projects no matter how far they are from your location.

Obtain timely and up-to-date information about what is happening at your construction site in order to verify daily work and make timely corrections if necessary.

The historical record is the documentary foundation that will enable you to clarify situations with suppliers and subcontractors, thus preventing or resolving future conflicts or, if necessary, providing evidence in a litigation.

Maintaining the history of your construction project allows you to record and document each activity in detail, which helps in formulating the best corrective solution in case of a failure or unexpected event.

Keeping clients informed about the progress of the project through visual information. This allows us to provide them with peace of mind and maintain a strong business relationship while empowering the sales team.

Having timely and up-to-date virtual information about the project enables a quick understanding of its status and facilitates remote decision-making.

Our tools enable compliance with any requirements regarding public mass information, as we have a very robust proprietary platform that we can tailor to meet the specifications of the bidding documents.


Our solutions

Photos and Plans: We integrate photographs into the plans at the exact point and date they were taken to provide precise tracking of each area of the project over time.

Virtual Tours: Using our 360-degree photography engine, we create virtual tours that allow showcasing visuals of the project in any direction, accompanied by explanatory text.

Webcams: They enable a live feed of the project while automatically recording its history, which can later be transformed into time-lapse videos and folders with chronologically organized images.

Drone Flights: We integrate this powerful technology into construction services, using it for photogrammetry, monitoring of construction progress in open, closed, and confined spaces.

Checklists: The project team can visualize on each plan the activities to be supervised, along with specific details, priorities, progress status, and corresponding responsible parties.

Virtual Drive: It is a tool that centralizes all technical, legal, and documentary information of a project in one place. It includes plans, renders, and other technical design documents, minutes, and historical records of the work.

Our clients

10 advantages of keeping a

well-organized record of construction projects.

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We are part of the 100 Open Startups ranking, which showcases the most attractive innovation companies according to the corporate market during the year 2021.

We have a record of EXPLOITERS, OPERATORS, and UAS (drones) EQUIPMENT registered with the Special Administrative Unit of Civil Aeronautics of Colombia.

Federal regulation mandates Roadway Worker Protection (RWP) training. Each railroad must provide this training to anyone performing work on behalf of the railroad and working near or with moving equipment on or off the tracks.

Supervise your construction remotely and maintain control