Who we are

Over 40 years of experience in project monitoring and control.

Since the early days of the digital era in the 1980s, we have gone through all stages of specialized software development for planning, monitoring, and project control.

We continually update our platform with the latest market trends in what is now referred to as project control software.

Our experience includes leadership positions in all aspects of the business: design, planning, promotion, financing, management, construction, and supervision in Colombia, Panama, and the United States.

We have the knowledge and technical expertise necessary to assist you in remotely managing a project, while also recording its history and traceability for future reconstruction at any time.

Our team

A good idea becomes a reality when there is an action plan with tangible goals and achievements. Even if they seem impossible to attain, they can become realities when worked on with passion, enthusiasm, and tenacity. At MIRALAOBRA, we make it happen.

The advancements of the digital age and virtual technology have also reached the construction industry. At MIRALAOBRA, we have embraced this as an opportunity to stay at the forefront of visual and documentary tools that aid in remote project recording and control.

Our values