Virtual Tours

Virtual tours that employ 360-degree photographs, captured directly at the workplace using drones or cameras with this technology, have gained considerable popularity in the construction sector due to their outstanding ability to capture details and encompass the entire area in three dimensions in a single segment. With these tours, it’s possible to track exterior progress or details of developing interior areas, as the images can be rotated in any direction, zoomed in on specific areas, and annotated with explanatory texts about the different details that need to be recorded. Once created, these tours can be obtained in the form of links for sharing via email or WhatsApp, or embedded into a webpage, allowing for enhanced communication and results with any member of the construction team or stakeholders involved in the project.

Advantages for your construction.

Provides a comprehensive view of the construction site from any location and angle, facilitating an overall understanding of the project.

Enables monitoring of the progress of the construction from anywhere, saving time and resources by reducing the need for physical visits to the site.

Enables different stakeholders to collaborate more effectively by providing access to an accurate visual representation of the construction.

Facilitates early detection of potential issues or discrepancies between the design and actual execution.

Promotes transparency by allowing all stakeholders access to an accurate and up-to-date representation of the project, building trust in its management and execution.

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Success Story

Biospfar Laboratories - MRRS

Biospfar Laboratories contracted with designer María del Rosario Rueda and her company MRRS for the design, construction, and furnishing of their new headquarters located in the North building, at Carrera 7 with Calle 155 in Bogotá.

The work was demanding in terms of spaces, installations, finishes, and details. The result was very satisfactory for the team and greatly pleased the client.

Miralaobra participated in this process by weekly monitoring of the work, starting from the state of the structure in gray work, until reaching the final delivery to the client, by creating weekly virtual tours that accurately tracked the progress of the work.

This tool also served to present all the details in the follow-up meetings with the client, becoming a key commercial piece for the builder.

Virtual tours have gained momentum in the construction industry because, thanks to their 360-degree visual, they are very powerful for getting into the details, showing with great precision the real progress of the work and the critical points of the moment both in structural and gray work activities as well as in finishing, furnishing, and deliveries to the client.

Tour virtual Biospfar - MRRS


Special thanks to the MIRALAOBRA team for the support we received throughout the project. Several challenges arose, which translated into learning experiences and opportunities to add even more value to both the platform and professional support.

The final virtual tour was the perfect finishing touch, and we truly appreciate the tremendous effort made to achieve the goal of presenting a corporate concept.

We look forward to utilizing your services in future opportunities.

Maria del Rosario Rueda

CEO and Designer MRRS