Virtual drive

The virtual drive of “MIRA LA OBRA” is a complementary tool that centralizes all technical, legal, and documentary information of a project in one place. It includes plans, renders, and other technical design documents, as well as minutes and historical records of the work. This system allows easy access to the necessary files, either by downloading them directly from the corresponding folders or quickly downloading renders and other relevant documents to the computer. With the virtual drive, all information is accessible and organized, facilitating management and collaboration in the construction project.

Advantages for your construction

They provide a centralized storage space where construction teams can store and access documents, plans, specifications, and other important files from any location with internet access. This facilitates collaboration and document management, avoiding information loss and file duplication.

They allow for instant updating of files, ensuring that all team members have access to the latest information. This is crucial in a construction environment where changes can happen rapidly, and efficient communication is essential to maintain project coherence.

Construction teams can collaborate effectively even if they are distributed across different geographic locations. This is especially useful in large or international projects, where teams may be dispersed but still need to work together efficiently.

Advanced security options and access control, allowing project administrators to manage who can view, edit, or share specific files. This helps protect the confidentiality of information and ensures that only authorized individuals can access relevant project documents.

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