Our innovative webcam system offers remote manipulation and powerful zoom of up to 32x, providing access to precise details of the construction site at all times. With its recording function, the complete history of the construction can be retrieved in any necessary situation. These cameras are connected to our hosting and can generate timelapses or fast-motion videos with daily images, facilitating the quick reconstruction of the project’s evolution. This detailed visual record allows for easy identification of crucial moments or specific stages, which can be vital for issue resolution. Additionally, our robust software enables live streaming directly to public channels, meeting frequent tender requirements that demand live streaming of construction to 500 or more people simultaneously.

Advantages for your construction

Webcams allow monitoring the progress of the construction site from any location with internet access. This facilitates quick decision-making and problem-solving without the need to be physically present at the site.

By providing real-time images, webcams serve as an invaluable tool for documenting construction progress and recording any incidents or changes on site. This can be crucial for project management, dispute resolution, and meeting deadlines.

Webcams can be used to enhance safety in the workplace by providing continuous surveillance. This not only deters unauthorized or hazardous behavior but also helps identify and address potential safety risks proactively.

Webcams facilitate real-time communication among different teams and stakeholders involved in the construction project. This encourages efficient collaboration, problem-solving, and coordination of activities, contributing to the successful execution of the project.

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