Drone Flights

Drones have become an indispensable strategic resource in construction. Their versatile operation has revolutionized the capture of images and videos, providing opportunities that were previously unreachable or associated with high costs and risks in production. At MIRALAOBRA, we have developed the capability to plan flights with georeferenced points so that drones can capture images of specific sectors at different times, thus allowing for a historical record. The combination of traditional 2-dimensional images, 360° panoramic views, and detailed videos enables comprehensive documentation and complete traceability of the construction project. Additionally, we offer photogrammetry services, construction progress reports, and thermography to detect moisture in roofs and facades, as well as heat points in electrical networks and solar parks. When conditions permit, our drones can perform flyovers and internal inspections, providing a comprehensive and detailed view of every aspect of the construction project.

Advantages for Your Construction

The ability to capture detailed images and data allows for more precise quality control throughout all stages of the project, helping to identify and address potential issues early on.

The ability to capture images and videos on different dates allows for precise documentation of the progress of the construction, facilitating traceability and conflict resolution.

Drones can access hard-to-reach or dangerous areas without jeopardizing the safety of workers, helping to prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace.

Drones allow for faster and more efficient inspections compared to traditional methods, speeding up project planning and execution processes.

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Success Story


Since 2017, Constructora Bolívar has contracted with MIRALAOBRA for drone monitoring in its projects. According to a predetermined flight plan for each construction site, drones capture perimeter videos, traditional 2D photographs, and 360° images, which serve as the basis for a comprehensive progress report that can be compared over time as they are georeferenced.

Initially, the information was intended for the Board of Directors to quickly assess the status of each project. However, over time, our data has become a key tool for other areas of the construction company, including:

1. Construction Committees: Providing support for directors’ reports by allowing them to see detailed progress.
2. Planning and Control Department: Monitoring progress and comparing it with previous months, even facilitating material control.
3. Construction Company Website: Registering images to showcase the latest monthly progress of the project on the website.

4. Support for Sales Offices: To show on-site progress images to clients.
5. Invasion Control: Monitoring certain construction sites or land to prevent illegal settlements.
6. Handover Inspection: To document the condition of each property upon handover and subsequently supervise to ensure no unauthorized constructions are made that violate the regulations of each urbanization.
7. Land Monitoring for Feasibility Studies: For new projects.
8. Commercial Videos: Utilizing real images of the projects, including internal details.
9. BIM Integration: We are close to implementing a module that allows inserting images into BIM analysis programs, enabling real progress to be compared with digital twins created from the initial stage.